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Why outsourcing could be the best step for your business

Why does a business need to outsource?
Why ask somebody else to do it when you can just learn the skill and do the task yourself, right?

Let me give you a story about 2 competitive businessmen, Max and Carter.

Max and Carter both wanted to have their own website for their respective businesses.

Max spent a month learning and trying to build his own website and succeeded. He probably saved a lot of money because he didn’t have to hire anyone in the process right?

Carter, on the other hand, came to OSSM to outsource the task. We gave him a quote and a mockup, he liked the deal, agreed to our offer and we finished the website within 2 weeks. Carter paid $1000 and got an expert-looking website in 2 weeks.

Let’s say that both Max and Carter earn $100/hour on their business.

Max spent 1 month working on the website while Carter waited for 2 weeks while still working on his business.

Let’s say that in the span of 1 month, Max spent 160(40 hrs a week * 4) hours on learning how to make the website and developing it.

Max saved $1000 but do you think his website would look as professional as an expert-level web designer’s work?

Now let’s calculate what Carter lost.

You’re probably asking “Why? He didn’t hire anyone right?”. Yes he didn’t hire anyone, that’s why he lost so much money. INSTEAD of making money with his website, his business lost 160hrs * $100 = $16,000. But he did save $1000 right? So let’s subtract the loss by $1000 so he just lost $15,000. That’s a whopping -$15,000 on his assets.

Carter, on the other hand, lost $1,000 but never stopped working.
Let’s see how much Carter’s business got affected.

Carter worked continuously for 1 month so that’s $16,000 subtracted by the website costs so that will be $15,000 of additional assets for his business. Plus, he got the advantage of having his website developed by experts! That will definitely give an edge over his competitor’s website plus the advantage of 2 weeks time that he had for having his website up in advance.

Who do you think won?

Will you be like Max? Or do you want to be like Carter?

Comment your answer below and give us your insight.

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