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How to sell anything to anyone – Increase your sales under a Pandemic

"Sell me this pen"

Some of you may have already heard of this dare, how did you respond? How is a $3 pen different from an $1,040 pen? Today, I’ll teach you how to sell anything to anyone (yes, even through this pandemic.)

#1 Find your market's pain

People don’t buy their way into something, they buy their way out of something. People don’t want the broom, people just want the floor swept. So what problem does your product solve? The amount of money that you make depends on how much you understand your target market’s pain.

So what you can do to increase your sales is to study your market and find out what their problem is and find a way to solve that with your product. You can also ask questions like “What would happen if you didn’t deal with this problem and couldn’t find a solution?” and then “What is that going to cost you?“.

If your prospect sees that you have a solution to his unbearable situation then you will have an easier time closing the deal at a higher offer.

#2 People buy because of emotions

Let me give you an example, a friend of mine who was a huge Metallica fan went to the mall to buy a shirt. He went to the shirts section and saw this plain black shirt on sale for $4 a PAIR. He took a pair then while walking to the counter, we saw a Metallica shirt that costs $25.

Which one did he buy in the end? Yes, you guessed correctly. He bought a $25 shirt over a pair of shirt which would have saved him a LOT of money. Did he need it? No. But how did it make him feel?

People buy because of emotions and they justify it with logic. So the next time you’re selling something to somebody. Are you just talking about the features and benefits? Try to push those hard emotional buttons and see how well it would go for you.

#3 Stories sell


How can you sell an $1,040 pen over a $3 pen even when their functions are literally the same. What’s the difference between a regular pen and an $1,040 Montblanc Limited edition Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Doué Classique Rollerball.

It is the story that adds value to the pen. If you add a good story to an item, it sells better. So if you add a hero’s brand or story to a brand or logo, it is worth a whole lot more. All because of the story that it tells.

Think about how you can add a story to your brand or product. Maybe a story of how the brand started, or some stories that your customers have after they purchased your product. It is always more interesting reading a story than reading through the facts.

Bonus tip:

All of these tips are implementable to every product. However, it’s hard to sell in a pandemic. To solve that problem, you can purchase a website.

Having a website gives you a platform to tell your prospects a story on how you can solve your market’s problems and make them feel the need to buy your product.

A website isn’t affected by lock-downs so you can still operate your business even in a global pandemic.

So, will you be able to sell that pen now? Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter for more OSSM tips.

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