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what do we do?

OSMM aims to help businesses with tasks that require specialized skills so that they can focus more on the things that they love to do. If you need a partner to do outsourcing for you, then you’re on the right track. We offer many online services ranging from Website Design, On-Page SEO,  T-Shirt Design, Digital Painting, Video Editing to Audio Transcription and more!

Outsourcing made right

how do we do it?

We are dedicated to deliver the best service that we can to improve your business. Our diverse team of problem-solvers will do everything to make sure that we deliver the most awesome outsourcing experience that you deserve

We are entirely committed to find the best possible
solution for every problem.

We have a team that specializes in Website Development and our team can also handle the Search Engine Optimization for you! Getting on the top of google searches for your desired keywords will surely drive more traffic to your business! Inquire now and see how much our way of doing things can help you!

This is a common problem for blogs and podcasts that are just starting out. Our team of specialist will be able to help you on this one as well! Inquire now and be enlightened with our modern marketing strategies and see your own blog or podcast grow into a huge fan-base within a few months!

We Build Lasting Relationships With Our Clients

Our partnership doesn’t end after solving the problem and delivering the project to you. There will still be times when you would need help on other new problems and we’ll still be here for those times. We treat partners like family because projects are temporary while family lasts forever!

High five partnership

What services do we offer?

Our diverse team enables us to offer these services, we believe that awesome service requires awesome expertise.
That’s why here at OSSM, we have several people specializing in their craft, dedicated to product high-quality service to our trusting clients.

Here's what some clients
think of our work...

Our clients value the effort that we put in. Here’s some of the statements that they gave after receiving their end-product.

“Jesse did an excellent job on a text to voice interactive application for us. It was somewhat complex with timing to make the voice sound real and he did a really complete and thorough job. He is responsive and goes the extra mile when needed. I highly recommend him!”

Michael Bartlett

LifePath Masters LLC CEO, Mexico

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and take a step towards live the life you've always dreamed of!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t have an answer to your question? Inquire now or chat with us to get your questions answered.

Yes, the word “Mob” is commonly linked to a bad reputation. However, what we saw in the word “Mob” are the positive traits that they have which are class, loyalty, and ambition.

Different services vary in prices, inquire/chat with us to get a full quote on the service costs.

Yes! We have a lot of connections and if we don’t have a specific service/skill that you need, we will look for a new partner to work with us who has that specific skillset/offer. Outsourcing with us will make the task of finding the right person easier for you and your company.

The mob is always looking for new members with specialized skillsets. Send your application to careers@ossm.space

Each mob member only specializes in up to 2 skills, these skills are displayed on their member’s profile as well as their offer. This shows that our mob members have focused expertise and that they will definitely deliver on their promise.

We accept payments through PayPal